AIS offer bespoke solutions; our designs and recommendations are thoughtfully planned out and tailored to provide an effective solution at each individual site – whether at the smallest or largest of residential or commercial developments or at existing premises, such as: offices, warehouses, retail units, industrial units, residential properties.

Our goal of placing our customer at the very core of what we do is the reason why we offer a unique combination of services; to able to deliver security, mechanical and electrical design solutions and installations.

This allows us to provide an integrated approach to the design and installation of these systems.

Our combined service capability provides our customers with two key benefits:

–  it simplifies project management, as our customers only have to deal with a single contractor and one project manager – providing you not only with that surety and peace of mind throughout the project, but with the cost and time element saving too.

– we are able to see the bigger picture of each project, however complicated – that means we are perfectly placed to consider how best to integrate different elements with the design and to ultimately incorporate security and electrical aspects – providing you with a more streamlined development and end-user system.

Our integrated approach means that we will design the optimal system to suit each and every application. This allows us to deliver genuine cost savings while ensuring the different parts of the system are built up and ultimately work together seamlessly.

AIS provide warranties on our work and, where required, we can provide full demonstrations and end user training on operating the systems.

Our customer care does not stop at the end of the project. We are perfectly placed to help you maintain your equipment with ongoing systems maintenance. This will help to prevent emergency events occurring and allows us to check how your usage might be changing and to keep vigilant to how your security needs might have changed.